Why a person needs lines on his palms?

The chirromants are confident that the lines on the palms are “paths” for which you can find out the future of man. But from a scientific point of view, they have quite practical application.

Why a person needs lines on his palms

If you rely on the theory of the evolution of Darwin, it can be noted that papillary lines are characteristic not only for a person, but also for other primates. Like well-developed color binocular vision, and nails, replacing claws from us. Paldon and finger papillary lines – peculiar folds on the surface of the skin – increased the chain in the capture of the branches and together with the features listed above were a good adaptation to the wood lifestyle. Consequently, the chances of surviving and passing their genes to descendants, among which there were ancestors of a person in a significant distance. In favor of this theory, there is a spike monkey, actively using the tail, a peculiar “palm” on the surface that wars the branch: in this place is formed by the wool-free platform with papillary lines. (On how living organisms adapt to various habitats and which organs were reflected for movement, read in the material “Live Planet” “Movement – Life!”)

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