House-Museum José Benliere

House-Museum José Benliere You will find between historical and modern areas of Valencia. This building once belonged to one of the most famous people in the city – Artist José Benniur. Here the master lived with his family for many years, and the interior was preserved in the house, characteristic of the 18th century housing of wealthy city. Museum decoration – shady garden, which is decorated with tracks, lined with painted ceramic tiles.

House-Museum Jose Benlyura Sights of Valencia Travel Guide

In the courtyard of the House-Museum Jose Benliere there is a summer kitchenette with a nearby fountain, where you can safely relax. On the lower floor of the House-Museum you can see the workbook and living room benlyura, on the upper floors there is an exposition of its work – portraits of Gypsies, Toreadors and famous citizens of Valencia.

House-Museum Jose Benlyura Sights of Valencia Travel Guide

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